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What do pencils and a bag full of water have to do with trust?

What do a duck and a bunny have to do with a changed heart?

What do a ping-pong ball and a hairdryer have to do with God’s sustaining power?

What do Lycopodium spores have to do with God’s protection?

What do a balloon and a flame have to do with an answer to prayer?

These are just a few questions answered in the thirteen science experiments in DESIGNER SCIENCE. The demonstrations will keep young people's attention and help them grasp spiritual truths. Some of the truths covered are God's love and care, Christ's sacrifice, trust, conversion, the power of words, the believer's light, the Sabbath, and baptism. Illustrations can be used as sermon illustrations, children’s stories, week of prayer, worship talks, VBS, camp meeting, outdoor education, prison ministry, Sabbath school, Pathfinders, at home, and in the classroom. 

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For over forty years, Loren and Cheryl Herbert have taught young people from kindergarten to high school and some college. They both have a bachelor of science degrees in education from Southern Adventist University. Loren earned his master of education in science education, and Cheryl earned a master of education in general curriculum from the University of Louisville. They love scuba diving, hiking, biking, canoeing, traveling, astronomy, and are amateur radio operators. They live in Canton, North Carolina.

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