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Now Available, Educating Oncology Nurses on Chaplaincy Referrals!

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When Dr. Simmons began the research that inspired this book, she simply wanted to help the nurses at her hospital improve their understanding of when to call a chaplain for an oncology patient. The research led her on a journey that not only taught her how to see the bigger picture behind the ordeal a patient and family must face but allowed her to benefit the entire care team in the process.

As the author educates readers on the increased need to recognize when patients will benefit from a chaplaincy referral, they will gain a deeper understanding of Biblical perspectives on sickness and suffering. Anyone who has ever battled serious illness, worked in a medical setting, or had family or friends who were ill, will appreciate this in-depth study.

The dedication that inspired Dr. Simmons to recognize chaplaincy as a vital part of the care team is both hopeful and inspiring. It is a reminder that in the journey of suffering, no one has to go it alone. The journey is about teamwork.

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Cheryl P. Simmons is a Board Certified Chaplain who graduated in 2017 with a doctorate in chaplaincy from Andrews Theological Seminary. With experience as a hospital chaplain, she now operates her own online business called Exhale Chaplaincy Service, LLC. Dr. Simmons is passionate about educating others, especially nursing staff, on recognizing the roles of the hospital chaplain as a vital part of the care team.

She currently resides in Clinton, South Carolina, where she enjoys teaching, reading, going to church, watching animal shows, and spending time with her family. Her children and grandchildren call her “Grandma Gadget” because she loves tinkering with technical gadgets in her spare time.

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