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Did you know that you are eggstraordinary? No, that does not mean that you are an egg, but like the many flavorful egg dishes around the world, each and every person has their own flair, their own flavor. The first step in discovering your true flavor is to get out of your shell! That can sometimes be overwhelming but be assured that you are important and essential to create the flavorful and diverse community of which we are all a part.

This book explores the different ways that eggs are a part of cuisines around the world and compares how eggs are like people, being prepared by their unique and special experiences. So, get out of your comfort zone, broaden your horizons, and learn how to be an eggstraordinaire!

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Mrs. Elizabeth Goodson graduated from Troy University where she received three degrees: a bachelor’s degree in Spanish/English, a master’s degree in education, and an educational specialist degree in instructional leadership/administration. She is enthusiastic about education and building positive relationships with her students and colleagues in Huntsville, Alabama. Also, she helped publish the FLUSH IT book in English/Spanish with Mrs. Lucas to help people practice forgiveness while coping with stress.

Mrs. Dion Lucas graduated from the University of Missouri — Kansas City with three degrees: a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, a bachelor’s degree in secondary education, and a master’s degree in curriculum/instruction. She is an educator, wellness coach, musician, and song writer based out of Huntsville, Alabama. Visit www.MrsDionLucas.com to learn more about her books and music. Her favorite song is titled “Ordinary People” by Danniebelle Hall because she likes to be an ordinary person doing extraordinary things for her country and community.

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