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When Dad and Mom, Eric and Adam pack up and leave on their annual summer vacation, no one is aware that Eric is carrying a secret fear that threatens his enjoyment of the trip. Knowing that Eric battles motion sickness, Mom bought him a pair of wristbands that are supposed to combat the nausea. Eric hoped that this innovative device would help make the trip more enjoyable, but his Big Fear remained.

The brand-new Ford Explorer is packed to the brim with camping gear and bicycles for four, and Dad points the SUV west, leaving Grand Rapids, Michigan, behind. Traveling through Illinois and Iowa, the boys help watch for road signs that keep them on the right course. Their first destination stop is the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota. Mystified at why anyone would want to see a building made of corn, the boys discover the uniqueness and beauty of this unusual attraction.

Other fun places to visit in South Dakota are the Badlands and Mount Rushmore. Each one has its own beauty and fascinating facts to learn. So far, the wristbands are keeping Eric's motion sickness at bay, but his Big Fear still gnaws at his stomach whenever he thinks about it.

The family's far west destination is Glacier National Park. It is here that many surprises wait for them. While Mom's big fear has to do with cougars and bears, Eric's big fear remains at the end of their summer vacation. On the way home to Michigan Eric faces his Big Fear and learns how he can overcome any fear.

How will Eric deal with his Big Fear? What is it that has the rest of the family excited that is the source of Eric's Big Fear? Enjoy the Shull family's summer vacation with them and learn what Eric's Big Fear is and how he overcame it. Along the way, you may learn how to overcome your Big Fear too.

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 Judy Shull

Judy Shull has been an educator for thirty-four years, teaching from first grade to tenth grade, from large schools to a one-room schoolhouse, and then six years as principal of the Greater Lansing Adventist School, a junior academy. She graduated from Andrews University with an undergraduate degree in Education and History and a master's in Elementary Administration. Currently she is the director of the independent ministry Childhoods with Jesus and directs the children's program for It Is Written Partnership weekends. She lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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