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Facing Today and Beyond discusses the history of diseases and how a healthy lifestyle can reverse many of humanity's blights. What makes this book different is its focus on the imperative nature of healthful life choices in the final days ahead of us as we look toward Jesus' second coming.

Everyone should know God's special laws of health. And this small book is the perfect way to share these amazing principles with those around us. Learn about the value of things like nutrition, a positive attitude, fresh air and nature, and even rest in the holistic approach to health that God desires for us. Ultimately, this book will help the reader better their health, deal with significant life trials, and teach them how to pray for the lost souls they come into contact with every day.

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Bruce Atchison has overcome many obstacles and learned many life lessons in his seven-plus decades of life. As a child, he suffered from many illnesses as well as fighting to overcome ADHD. School was challenging, but he graduated from high school and proceeded to join the U.S. Air Force. After being honorably discharged at age 23, Bruce went on to college to complete a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in recreation administration.

During this time, Bruce became a Seventh-day Adventist, and due to the expectation of having to work on the Sabbath, he lost his job and career. So God put him to work! He trained under Mark Finely and then worked for 28 years as a drug and alcohol prevention educator with the Listen Community Crusade Against Drugs, administered by the Review and Herald. From there, Bruce moved to West Virginia to be the director of development for Miracle Meadows School for three years and then finally retired at 67. Since retiring, he has begun an online book business and holds lectures on breaking bad habits and making positive life choices.

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