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“Jesus loves you! Yes, He really does. He’s madly in love with you.”

Everyone enjoys a good romance, a great love story. And the greatest love story ever told is the one that Jesus is writing with you—yes, YOU! He loves you more intensely and more passionately than you could ever imagine. Isn’t that amazing?

What would the perfect date look like? What about the perfect marriage? Well, that is what is being offered to each of us. This book takes the reader through that very love story, from the initial glow of attraction and the first date, to courtship, and finally marriage. With each chapter firmly based in the book of Revelation and thoroughly examined in the perspective of the Bride of Christ, Wayne Skinner shows the incomparable love of Jesus—our Bridegroom—through His sacrifice for His Beloved.

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Wayne Skinner lives in Calimesa, California, and graduated from La Sierra University in Riverside, California, with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He is an active Elder and Men's Ministry Leader at the Kansas Avenue Seventh-Day Adventist church, in Southern California."

In his spare time, Wayne enjoys playing golf, watching football, and sharing a meal with family and friends. 

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