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Is God really out there? How can we know? Did God give us evidence that can’t be reasonably ignored? The only logical way to prove His existence is to use the evidence God gave us for that purpose. That is what we will explore in this book.

As we go through this evidence, we will also see His plan, what He is doing now, what He is waiting for, why He is waiting, your part in the plan, how He will answer all your questions, and the ultimate end: a peaceful universe.

Author DanTierneyisconfidentthat,ifyouhonestlypursuetheevidencethatGod has given,youwillcometothesolidconclusionthatGod is real. If it is the truth, it will all fit together and make sense. Healsoincludes somehelpfulmaterialabouttheoriginoflifeandthephysicalevidenceforaworldwideflood.

Moses asked God what to tell the Israelites when they ask what His name is. God gave him the answer, “I AM has sent me to you,” Exodus 3:14. We also must believe that “He is,” Hebrews 11:6. Hence, the title of the book.

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Dan Tierney is a retired Artificial Intelligence Software developer with a BS in Math and Computer Science and an MS in Computer Science. He serves as an elder in his local congregation. He lives in the lovely Midwest with his wife of 40 years, has five wonderful grandchildren, and enjoys travel.

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