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To properly enjoy a good book of poetry, one must choose a comfy chair or perhaps a porch swing, have plenty of hot cocoa—or ice-cold lemonade, depending on the weather—at hand, and a supply of one’s favorite cookies close by. When all of these prerequisites are met, it’s time to settle in and enjoy the meanderings of another mind set to rhyme and either marvel at or empathize with the author

Come and go with me to a special place

where there is only peace and oneness with God.

Come with me and find His amazing grace

in a place where many others have trod.

This collection of poems by Mertis Hodge Butler represents a variety of thoughts and themes from all walks of life. They are poetic expressions in rhyme about our modern times, with religious, humorous, political, and educational themes. Singing songs and writing poetry provide a voice for many of her personal feelings and experiences. Therefore, some poems can easily be put to music. Her hope is that this book of poems will be an inspiration for many years to all who read them. So, cozy up, read, and enjoy!

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Mertis is the second of David and Minnie Bell (Brumfield) Hodge’s seven children. Born in 1938 in rural Montgomery County, Georgia, she was married to Willie Butler, whom she met at Tuskegee Institute. They had two children, Michael and Sandra.

She earned a bachelor of science degree from Tuskegee Institute, Tuskegee, Alabama, and a master’s from Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia, with a major in elementary education.

She taught elementary students for more than twenty years and worked as a “Follow-up Counselor” at Paine College for ten years, where a number of her poems were written and published in anthologies from 1993–2000.

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