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Jeremy wants a puppy. He promises to take care of it, love it, and make sure the puppy is safe and happy.

How many parents have heard their own children make this very same promise? It’s easy to promise to do something, but much harder to follow through. And, as any parent would, Jeremy’s parents hesitate because they wonder whether he will embrace the responsibility and keep his promise, not only to them, but to the puppy he wants to bring home.

This lovely, illustrated children’s book teaches the value of responsibility and trust and keeping promises no matter what obstacles might get in the way.

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Viola Williams is a retired life insurance underwriter, active church leader, and an advocate for adopting foster children and for the underprivileged. She was instrumental in establishing the first minority food bank in Asheville, North Carolina. She continues to be an active western Carolina AARP volunteer.

In addition to her volunteer activities, Viola keeps busy by traveling, writing, journaling and praying early in the morning with her prayer partners. She is also a singer and is a Toast Master motivational speaker who lives life to the fullest by following her motto, “It is my desire to do nothing, that I cannot do with my whole heart.”

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