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How would you adorn and present yourself differently if you knew that:

There is more to body jewelry than meets the eye?

How we present ourselves to God in worship sends Him a message of how we view Him?

Our physical appearance is an indication of our character and influences others who observe or emulate us?

In this enlightening book, Jewelry in God’s Church, Why?, Charles Creech takes on one the most troublesome issues in the Christian church, “Excessive adornment.” Discover how its use affects the wearer, the observer, and ultimately GOD. With a mixture of history, faith, and logic, he seeks to offer answers to where we are today, how we arrived at current attitudes, and why Christians should curb their appetites for so much prideful display.

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Charles E. Creech is a retired pastor from the Northeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. He is a graduate of Oakwood University (‘76) with a BA in theology and business administration and Andrews University Theological Seminary with a MA in ministry (‘91). As a fourth-generation SDA, he has served the church for nearly forty-five years as a literature evangelist, associate publishing secretary, Adventist Book Center manager, and pastor. And is a certified alcohol and substance abuse counselor (‘96 to present).

Pastor Creech is also the author of God’s Holey Men Need Mending and So Do You!, and the honor requirements for model boats found in the Adventist Youth Honors Handbook.

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