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As the ongoing news we hear each day is becoming more and more the bad news of the day, the urgency of reaching the lost and hopeless all around us is becoming more and more evident. This little booklet focuses on the preaching of Jesus the only one who can offer the hope and the help that people need and are desperately searching for.

Its purpose is to make it easy for every believer to share the good news with anyone anywhere. If you’ve ever thought you should be doing more than what you are but just didn’t know what to do or how to do it, it may be as easy as lovingly handing this little gem to your neighbors and friends. In eternity they will thank you for it.

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Bob Tate is an ordained minister and has spent most of his life involved in the circulation of Christian-based literature. Since reading himself into the light of God’s word at an early age, his guiding star has been the conviction that truth-filled literature is as powerful as the preached word in winning people for the kingdom.

He believes that in a large degree it will be through this medium the work will be accomplished of that other angel John saw coming down from heaven having great authority illuminating the earth with his glory (Revelation 18:1).

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