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Poetry is a literary expression of thoughts, feelings, and emotions that reach our souls in a way that differs from prose. When words are expressed in a set rhythm and meter, they touch a chord in our hearts that no other literary form does. Inside these pages, you will find a collection of poems written from the heart, inspired by one woman's life journey. The author uses love and tact as she writes about life's challenging issues. Each poem is designed to touch on everyday issues that we all deal with, but then point to Jesus as the solution to all of life's ills.

Pour yourself a cup of something warm to drink, settle into your favorite cozy reading nook, and journey along with the poet as she deals with life's bumps and bruises, yet clings to Jesus as the only answer and the promise of heaven as our only solace. 

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A retired Registered Nurse, Josephine Sylvia Doreen Sealy was born in Antigua, West Indies in 1935. The ninth of ten children, she enjoyed reading and reciting poetry while attending school. She began writing her own poems as a teenager while serving as Sabbath School Secretary at the Jennings Seventh-day Adventist Church. There, she made her weekly minutes more interesting by reading them in verse.

Josephine currently resides in Ocala, Florida where she is active in the Marion Oaks Seventh-day Adventist Church. Besides writing poetry, she enjoys reading, gardening, and playing Scrabble. She feels blessed by God in her ability to create poetry and hopes that her words will act as an inspiration to all who read them.

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