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What if you discovered an old journal written by King David when he was just a boy? What if this journal contained all of the stories you know and love about David but were penned by his own hand and included his fears, his victories, his mistakes, his accomplishments … and so much more?

Only a Boy Named David is written in the first person as if David was writing his experiences in a journal. Based on the Bible, familiar stories come alive in a whole new way as you read a first-hand account about what it must have been like to kill a lion that was attacking the sheep or what it felt like to flee from Saul.

David has much to teach about faith, surrender, trust, and obedience. Through each experience that is documented in his journal, it is clear that he loved God above all else. David’s songs are one example of his devotion to Yahweh.

Be inspired to live your life according to God’s plan as you read about David’s time as a shepherd, a warrior, a fugitive, and finally, a king. 

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Shannon Scott is a published author and teacher at Georgia-Cumberland Academy, not to mention a mom to six kids and a wife to her college sweetheart. When her children were younger, Shannon homeschooled them, which is when she began writing Bible stories. She wanted to bring the Bible alive and help her children understand its application for today, so she wrote her own stories. Now that all but one is in high school or college, she has taken her love of teaching and moved into a traditional classroom. Shannon is passionate about sharing Jesus’ love with others through her writing, whether it is inspirational blog posts, skits, full-length plays, or books. When she isn’t busy teaching, writing, or attending her children’s sports games or programs, she can be found exercising, traveling, or learning something new. 

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