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It should go without saying that Christ is central to Christianity. Most Christians know that He is the means by which God brings human beings back into fellowship with Himself. They may also be aware that Christ is our substitute and surety, our righteousness, and our pattern and example for living. What they may not know is that, as the sinless “second Adam,” Christ has become the new head of the human race and that, in leaving this world, He sent His Spirit to complete the adoption process for all who receive Him (Gal. 4:6, 7). And what they also may not know is that Christ is also our Wonderful Judge, which is encouraging news headed toward final judgment.

Allan Freed describes Christ’s roles in human redemption, how the biblical sanctuary foreshadowed the pathway of reconciliation to God, and what the believer must do to cooperate with Jesus as He finishes His heavenly sanctuary ministry. He warns about a perilous path promoted by a three-part religious union that has declared Protestantism dead, and he offers insight to get on and stay on the pathway that will take us home to God.

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Dr. Allan W. Freed received a bachelor of theology from Canadian Union College in Alberta, Canada, a master’s of public health from Loma Linda University, and a PhD in Religious Education from Andrews University. Freed served as a pastor and a chaplain in Canada before taking a call to serve in Pakistan for six years. He worked as manager of housing administration and employee at Andrews from 1996 to 2004. He enjoys gardening, golf, and travel.

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