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There is a God who loves you so much that He wants you to grow closer to Him through prayer.

This is the central theme of Doctor Samuel Bulgin’s book, PRAYER: CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD. Bulgin points out that prayer, which is talking to One we have never seen, is foreign to humans. Therefore, growing through prayer requires pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone by committing ourselves to a regular pattern of communication with God and not just praying on a whim. Prayer takes us deeper in our relationship with Him than we would choose to go ourselves. Since God already knows everything about us before we pray, the benefit to praying is in confessing our thoughts and feelings to the One who loved us first.

This thoughtful book also covers:

Remembering to whom we are praying

Finding intimacy with God through prayer

Effective patterns for prayer

What to pray about

The focus of faith in prayer

Praying when you don’t know whether it is God’s will

Unleashing supernatural power through prayer

What hinders our prayers

Why God doesn’t answer all our prayers

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Author Doctor Samuel U. Bulgin, is senior pastor of the Atlanta Belvedere Seventh-day Adventist Church in Decatur, Georgia. He comes from a family of pastors with roots in southwestern Jamaica, West Indies. He was a teacher and pastor in Bermuda, pastored congregations in New York City, and served as Stewardship Director and Executive Secretary of the Greater New York Conference.

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