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We are excited to be able to bring you PRECIOUS MEMORIES OF MISSIONARIES OF COLOR by Carol Hammond. This title was previously published, however this it the first print run with TEACH Services. 

Precious Memories of Missionaries of Color chronicles the many experiences, contributions and memories of Seventh-day Adventist missionaries of African descent from 1892 to the present.

These dedicated saints traveled far from their loved ones and homes to places they had only heard about, to cultures that were sometimes radically different from their own. The people they encountered in these far-away countries welcomed them with open arms and embraced and loved them. At times, however, there were also tense moments of danger and illness, and yet these missionaries trusted in God and stood firm in their desire to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others and to bring health and educational opportunities to those they served.

Elder and Mrs. Giddings tell a story that illustrates the value placed on education in many countries. At one of the schools in the Ivory Coast, more than 900 students were present for registration to the school on the first day. Some of these students had been standing in line since the break of dawn. They were required to show a birth certificate at the time of registration, and one man, with whiskers very much in evidence on his face, presented Adventist workers with a birth certificate that indicated he was eight years old.

Precious Memories of Missionaries of Color will grab your attention from the very first and each experience recounted will remind readers how God moves in mighty ways. The missionaries preached the gospel and people came by the hundreds. To God be the glory! 

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