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Down through history, dogs have been great friends to humans. Dog owners know how remarkably dogs can adapt. They are intelligent, compassionate, loyal, and protective. SHADOWS POINT TO RAINBOWS is a tribute to one German shepherd, who was providentially assigned to a young man living in north-central Oregon. With a tap at the door, “Champion” came into young Jed Franklin's life. His mother faithfully recounts how this loving and faithful friend stood by his master, helping him recover from a life-threatening, life-changing accident when he was eight years old so he could grow into manhood.

This touching and faith-building story about a gift of God wrapped in fur was written to share lessons and encouragements from the providential events of the life of a boy growing up with his dog. Rather than withdrawing into himself, the young man was able to see the rainbows of life that follow the clouds.

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Linda Franklin lives in the Peace Country of Northern British Columbia. She enjoys writing, is a gifted illustrator, and devoted grandmother. Her first book in this series is entitled Rainbow in the Flames.

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