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This charming and endearing book is Laurel Swift-Floyd’s very own story of her beloved horse, Stepper, and the very special relationship they shared. Through challenges and even near-death experiences for both of them, their bond became stronger and stronger. Stepper helped Laurel to discover her great love of horses and riding and to believe in herself as she dared to follow her dreams.

There are many beautiful horses in the world, but there was only one Stepper, and he will be forever remembered with the great love that can only be found between a girl and her horse. This book is written in loving memory of him, and for all the children who dare to dream and hope for the future.

Enjoy Laurel and Stepper’s story!

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Laurel Swift-Floyd lives in Bakersfield, California, where she is an owner of the family-run Sorella Ristorante Italiano. She has always loved animals—especially horses—and studied to be an animal technician at San Joaquin Valley College. Laurel is blessed to be able to use her passions of trail riding, dressage, and cooking to help her community, whether it is through her restaurant or through her women’s trail rides for children’s charity funds.

Laurel had a dream, and through this book she hopes to inspire all children to believe in themselves and their own dreams. Her greatest hope of having a horse came true with Stepper, and the love, loyalty, and their special bond was unbreakable and lasted a lifetime.

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