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Now Available, THE CREATOR'S GIFT!

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What is the most amazing gift you have ever received? Was it wrapped in pretty paper? Did it have a bright bow? Well, not all gifts come wrapped, and some of the very best are found in nature. Think about all of the beautiful things that you can see when you step outside. Did you know these are God’s special gifts to YOU?

In this colorful children’s book, you will learn about the many wonderful gifts God has given us in our natural world. You will also discover His most precious gift of all—the Sabbath. God wants to spend time with you because He loves you more than anything, and Sabbath is the day He made for you to enjoy time with Him. What an incredible gift!

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Roxanne August is a retired special education teacher who taught for thirty-one years in Bridgeport, Connecticut. She is a graduate of City College of New York, where she earned a bachelor’s of science degree in special education. Roxanne pursued a master’s of arts in special education from Southern Connecticut State University and finally received her sixth-year certificate in special education in 2003.

In her spare time, Roxanne enjoys learning new things about the marvelous world that God has created. She also enjoys reading and being out in nature. Roxanne currently resides in Bridgeport, Connecticut, with her husband, Mark, and her daughter, Marjani.

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