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Now Available, THE EYE OF FAITH!

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The self-help industry, through publishing and other media, has mushroomed to impressive heights over the course of this current generation. With that said, the term does carry mixed connotations and has solicited concerns—many legitimate, some excessive—especially within the parameters of biblical faith. Though Dr. Avis Hendrickson seeks to assist her readers in their journeys toward self-improvement, she places significant emphasis on the reality that the success of this journey is only possible through a grace-saved relationship with the Life-giver, the Lord Jesus Christ.

One of the advantages of The Eye of Faith is the refreshing candor with which Dr. Hendrickson shares some of the overwhelming depths from which she recovered: growing up in the projects, beginning her motherhood role as a teenager, eventually raising four children as a mostly single parent, etc. She does well at mixing a strong sense of accountability—which she charges her readers to mimic—with constant encouragement. More broadly, this book will be a valuable source of practical principles and a highlight in your library for years to come.

Avis takes a well-rounded approach to assessing what she considers to be the seven vital elements of human existence: physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social, financial, and yes, even sexual. As you survey the details of her perspectives on these elements, you will come to a big-picture conclusion that she wants for you what God wants for you: to have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10).

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Dr. Avis Hendrickson undergirds her venture into authorship with an immense professional, personal, and familial pedigree. This Bronx native has often escaped being behind life’s eight ball and climbed the ladder of success to the tune of attaining a doctorate in developmental education and holding multiple, well-respected, administrative positions, including the presidency of Atlantic Union College.

Dr. Hendrickson currently resides in Pennsylvania’s capital and serves as an educational and lifestyle consultant. She is not all work and no play, and along that vein, she enjoys spending time with her four adult children and many grandchildren, engaging in activities such as roller skating and visiting museums.

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