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“Who was Ellen White anyway? Was she just another human like the rest of us? Yes, she was.”

Of course, Ellen White was also a very special friend of God and His personal messenger to those in these last days. She sometimes had to share very serious messages from Him with His flock here on earth. But that didn’t mean she was always the little lady dressed in black “looking stern, stuffy, and unfriendly.” Not at all.

In this book, Paul Ricchiuti shows us The Other Side of Ellen White… the colorful side that was caring, kind, fun-loving, and humorous. She loved to laugh! She loved the people around her and took special joy in experiencing the small wonders of nature every day.

Many of the stories found in this book come from her time in Australia and at Elmshaven, in California. Even during these later years, she did not lose her zest for life and she worked tirelessly for the beloved children of God until the day she died.

Enjoy these refreshing reflections on the life of a very special lady who had a very special relationship with God. May you also find that joy in walking hand-in-hand with our Lord.

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Paul Ricchiuti retired from the Pacific Press Publishing Association. With an educational background in art, Ricchiuti’s creativity blossomed over the years through his writing, and he is now a sought after story teller. Ricchiuti hopes that his stories create a desire in readers to live a better life and accept Jesus as their personal friend and Savior. In his spare time, Ricchiuti writes and hikes in the mountains of Idaho. He lives in New Meadows, Idaho, and attends the McCall Seventh-day Adventist church.

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