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Have you been searching for the accountability you need to make permanent and meaningful life changes? The Second Mile (40-Days+ of Fitness and Faith) contains the perfect tools to lead you on a journey of health and healing with Christ that actually boost your immune system. Not only organized for educational purposes but for practical and easy application in your daily routine.

Written by an educator with extensive experience in teaching preventative and biblical health principles, this program is filled with recipes, health tips, and simple goals so that anyone can experience optimal outcomes. Follow a daily checklist to keep you on track. Read Bible verses and prayer guides specific to each day’s journey. Experience growth through serving others along the way. Learn to recognize and tackle obstacles that you may never have noticed in your path before reading this book. Discover why your Creator wants to help you achieve your highest potential, both inside and out.

Get ready to begin your journey towards wellness!

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Peter and Sheila Roesler are Health Evangelists and Character Development Specialists. Their ministry has been active for over 24 years.

Peter received his BA and Masters in Industrial Education from Pacific Union College. He spent many missionary years in the Islands of Micronesia as a teacher and builder. He also taught in college and high school in the US. He joined Sheila over four years ago when they married. Now he is assisting in both building their ministry and their ‘Faith Farm’ because everything they do is by faith.

Sheila received her BA from Brandeis University and her Masters in Education with an emphasis on Urban Youth Development from National University. She is a ‘Who is Who’ in American Teachers’ award winner. She taught High school Math, Chemistry, and Physics and was the former owner of a Kumon Math franchise. She was a Research Associate at Harvard School of Public Health in the Nutrition and Epidemiology departments.

Both Peter and Sheila teach God’s Preventive Health principles in formats of dynamic health empowerment parties, Vegan Cooking classes, seminars, workshops, and private consultations, in homes, schools, churches and organizations across the United States and abroad. They have both finished their Hygienic Naturopath Medical Missionary Certification and are constantly learning to be better servants in ‘His Majesty’s Service’.

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