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Another health and healing book! So why is ORDINARY WOMAN, EXTRAORDINARY GOD different from all the other books? Alison has lived through many traumatic experiences, yet emerges triumphant and well, in every phase of her life: emotionally, physically, and spiritually. This book is not a step-by-step “how to be well” book, but the inspirational story of a woman facing pain and trauma and her journey—supported by written evidence of medical physicians—from death to life.

“If there was ever a person who could understandably be angry, bitter, and have a good reason to give up on life, Alison McLeod is that woman. Facing sexual molestation at an early age, living with a mother suffering the devastating effects of chemotherapy, and watching her four-year-old son die of inoperable brain cancer; these reasons would be more than enough for Alison to become hardened and throw in the towel. Add to that an unfaithful spouse, divorce, and then her own life-threatening battle with cancer, and you have a toxic recipe for tremendous suffering. And yet, because of the grace and love of God, Alison has emerged strong, healed, and is completely well, emotionally and physically. She tells her story in her soft, gentle manner because that is exactly who she is—quietly and uncomplainingly sharing her pain without requesting pity. Her inspirational strength and unshakeable faith and trust in God are rock solid and give hope to all those battling hopeless causes! Readers who have experienced the loss of a child, divorce, sickness, sexual molestation, or dysfunctional relationships will all find help and comfort in the pages of this book.” —Jan Levin

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Alison McLeod, who attended Helderberg College in South Africa and earned a Bachelor of Hygienic Sciences degree from Fit for Life College of Natural Health in Canada, is a volunteer at Wildwood Lifestyle Center, a beautiful oasis of healing tucked away in the northwest corner of Georgia. Alison is passionate about her work in the hydrotherapy department, where she loves to share her story as she ministers to her patients. Alison is mother to Melissa, Kyle, and Christopher (who is asleep in Jesus), and grandmother to Wesley, the smartest two-year-old she knows, and her newest tiny princess, Willow!

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