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Smile, Think, Laugh, and Learn from Stories of a Simpler Time!

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Ken Campbell's first book of stories from his "growing up years" and early adult life—Stories I Lived–was so captivating that it left readers with an appetite for more. More Stories I Lived will surely satisfy the palate and grab the imagination through the author's vivid, folksy storytelling from a much simpler time—when survival meant hard work and boys had the time to ride out on horseback and explore the rural wilderness.

Campbell writes with humor and purpose, as he tells the stories he lived and the hard-learned life lessons that survival gave him. From picking his first tomatoes to raising a willful pet sheep, from exploring a hidden cave to sledding uncontrolled down a steep hill, from enduring a home-style haircut to corralling a run-away horse. His stories will make you laugh, and they will even make you wince. Yet, don't worry—everything will come out all right in the end, and you'll come away having enjoyed the journey and learned something with the author as well.

“More wonderful tales from a true treasure! Uncle Kenny takes us to a simpler time with smiles aplenty and great life lessons along the way.” – Eric Brown, Ministerial Director, Upper Columbia Conference

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Ken Campbell was born in San Jose, California, and raised by Lemanasky Lake in Washington state. Known for his various roles as a rancher, mechanic, auto dealer, radio broadcast host, storyteller, and inspirational speaker, Campbell has a devoted following among his customers, family, friends, and young audience, which has grown as more people are getting to know him through his books, Stories I Lived and More Stories I Lived. Whenever he wants to write, he says, all he has to do is return to the mountains where he was raised, and the stories come tumbling back to mind. Reading his book, you will travel back with him as he reminisces about his childhood home and the lessons he learned. Campbell now lives in Deer Park, Washington.

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