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Stories of God’s Love and Protection

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This delightful book tells the story of Gerita Liebelt. Her life journey is one of protection provided by her shining angel! Read how God led and protected her through her childhood and adult years. Each chapter is a different story from Gerita’s life. These stories will reassure children that, even though there is an unseen battle going on in our world and life can be scary, God loves His children so very much that He sends powerful, shining angels to protect and guide them. Great is the love of their heavenly Father!

I love this story--the story of a little girl growing up. But not just growing up, rather, the theme throughout her life of knowing God's presence, and maturing in that connection so that even in the midst of life's greatest difficulties or opportunities, her master is by her side, guiding her steps and in all this making her a blessing to others everywhere. ~ Jim Brackett, Director, The Roosevelt Ridge Retreat

What a wonderful story of God's love and care for us. In this world we need to hear the positive, not all the bad things or that no one cares about us. After reading this story it made me think of how my friend Jesus has been with me all these years. Many times I have felt His presence and protection in my life. I pray this book is received and well read. ~ Janet Edgrin, RN

We just finished reading this book together—now we cannot wait to share these remarkable stories of Jesus’ amazing protection and love with our own precious grandchildren. It is truly a book that directs impressionable little minds to trust in Jesus! ~ Craig & Nancy Meissner, End Time Preparedness Seminars

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Gerita Garver Liebelt currently lives in a little brown house in the big woods of Montana. She has three wonderful children, a dear daughter-in-law and four very precious grandsons. Even though she worked as a registered nurse for a short time, her real joy was teaching kindergarten after her children were grown. She loves children and wants each one to know how very special they are to God.

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