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Those who read THE FINAL ATONEMENT will quickly find the tone of enthusiasm positively contagious. Chinedu Daniel Obasi dove into forging this volume with the eager acknowledgment that the sanctuary message is the heartbeat of Adventism’s theology and mission. God, in His infinite wisdom, crafted an intricate yet accessible object lesson through which any genuine seeker can understand what He wants and needs to do to liberate humanity from the bondage of sin. The author vigorously encourages his readers to make this grand, divine theme the constant focus of their study.

Obasi leaves few stones unturned as he examines, in significant detail, the key features and elements of the earthly tabernacle and its associated rituals. He saturated his tome with hundreds of Bible verses as he sought to verify how all these elements—the articles of furniture, variety of offerings, activities of the priests, etc.—point to Jesus Christ’s work to cleanse us from iniquity and restore us to righteousness. The story he tells toward the end will stir emotions in even the most stoic heart.

Please don’t shrug off the opportunity to more deeply investigate the Lord’s quest to achieve at-one-ment with His errant children. 

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AUTHOR BIO: Chinedu Daniel Obasi, a Nigerian native, is an evangelist and the founder and director of Life Source Ministry International, a self-supporting organization that supports the work of the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church. He has had the opportunity to advance the cause of God through a multitude of avenues, including colporteuring, medical outreach, and radio broadcasting, which is a particularly good fit for him and his storytelling aptitudes.

Chinedu’s venture into authorship isn’t surprising, since reading fills much of his free time and tops his hobby list. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, Gloria, and three daughters, Favour, Goodness, and Confidence.     

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