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Here’s what I want you to do: Go to some nursery or department store. Walk through the sliding door and buy yourself a nice sized gardening pot, a bag of compost, a tomato plant, some twine, and a nice, sturdy stick. Put it all together and I promise that that little tomato plant will hand you a nice juicy tomato in due time!

Although there may be more to gardening than what I’ve described above, playing in the dirt with seeds and veggies is fun and exciting, and it’s also pretty hard to completely fail at it! There are just a few things you might want to know in order for you to really be successful in this new adventure. Want to know what they are? (Go ahead and emphatically shout, “Yes!”) Great! Crack open this little book and let’s get started!

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AUTHOR BIO: Keith Hankins is a resourceful young man who is always looking for hard work and new challenges. Ever since the start of his gardening journey when he was 16, he has gained an abundance of knowledge, both through mistakes and successes that he is ever eager to share with others.

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