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The Desert Prince / Ricchiuti, Paul / Paperback / LSI

945-6996 L


About the Book 

“The life and times of Moses are well known especially among Christians. People across the globe have repeated the story of this man countless times, and it is hard to understand the how and why a prince, under the Pharaoh of Egypt, decided to turn his back on wealth and power to lead a nation of slaves and rebels to a better life. But that is exactly what he did through God. This is the true story of one man who faced the odds and won. Even with his faults, he came off more than conqueror. The man Moses.”

Join author Paul Ricchiuti as he delves into one of the greatest men in the Bible. Watch Moses grow up in Pharaoh’s palace. Walk with him in the scorching desert where he meets God at the burning bush. Stand with him in Pharaoh’s court as he appeals time and again for the Israelites’ freedom. March with Moses as he leads a nation of freed slaves from Egypt to Canaan. The journey was long and arduous and filled with victories and setbacks. But Moses “endured by looking to Him who is invisible” (Heb. 11:27, MEV). God was his Friend. This book will inspire you to know God as a Friend and accept Him as your personal Savior.

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About the Author 

Paul Ricchiuti

Paul Ricchiuti retired from the Pacific Press Publishing Association. With an educational background in art, Ricchiuti’s creativity blossomed over the years through his writing, and he is now a sought-after storyteller. Ricchiuti hopes that his stories create a desire in readers to live a better life and accept Jesus as their personal friend and Savior. He lives in Caldwell, Idaho, and attends the Caldwell Seventh-day Adventist Church.


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