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Thoughts, Critical and Practical, on the Book of Daniel and the Revelation / Smith, Uriah / Paperback / LSI

945-7183 L


About the Book 

This is a Facsimile Reproduction of Uriah Smith’s 1884 edition of Thoughts, Critical and Practical, on the Book of Daniel and the Revelation: Being an Exposition, Text by Text, of These Important Portions of the Holy Scriptures. This edition was written before the changes made by historical revisionists before the 1944 edition was released. Both parts of Uriah Smith's astounding commentary of the Book of Daniel, and its prophetic relation to the birth and life of Jesus Christ, are united in this edition.

The Book of Daniel has aroused great interest for apparently predicting the arrival of Christ on Earth, together with aspects of his character and deeds. This fascinating relationship, whereby the Old Testament foresees the events of the New Testament, has intrigued Biblical scholars for centuries. Uriah Smith, a minister and educator as well as an enthusiastic studier of the Bible lore, embarked on a quest to commemorate-line-by-line, verse-by-verse-the entire Book of Daniel.

Ellen white said, that Thoughts on Daniel and The Revelation, The Great Controversy, and Patriarchs and Prophets, would make their way. They contain the very message the people must have, the special light God had given His people. The angels of God would prepare the way for these books in the hearts of the people. — See, Special Instruction Regarding Royalties, p. 7 (1899) – Colporteur Ministry pg. 123


The commentary of Uriah is informative, lengthy and detailed. He explains and discusses the meanings of the verses, annotating his thoughts with references to other parts of the Bible where necessary. This methodology is repeated in Part Two, whereby the author's focus is turned to the life of Jesus Christ as alluded to in the Book of Revelation-a comparison of the prophecies made by Daniel, and those which appear in the New Testament, is undertaken.

Perhaps the most overarching theme in this work is the discussion of how God makes his intentions and will known to followers on Earth. Deciphering such a mystery is no easy feat, yet it is one which Uriah Smith attempts energetically, drawing upon his decades of ministerial experience with holy scripture.

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About the Author 

Uriah Smith was a Seventh-day Adventist author, minister, educator, and theologian who is best known as the longest serving editor of the Review and Herald for over 50 years. Uriah Smith was an extremely versatile and creative individual.

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Facsimile Reprint of 1884 Edition
6 x 9

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