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With One Accord / Irby, Carl / Paperback / LSI

945-6952 L


About the Book 

“This is a book about marriage. It isn’t about my marriage or your marriage, or anybody’s marriage in particular. It is about marriage as an institution and as a life event. Perhaps you will think about yourself or someone you know as you read this book, but marriages are not the source of the information contained here. God’s Word is the source.”

The words from the preface sum up the theme of this book. Using the analogy of taking a trip in a car, the author likens maintaining a good marriage to planning for the trip and keeping a car in good running condition. Determining the journey through married life, navigating through detours, playing the radio or CD player along the way, and knowing when to apply the brakes to potentially hazardous behavior are just a few of the comparisons made between a road trip and a marriage.

Based firmly in the Word of God, the guiding principles found in this book will benefit both the newlyweds and seasoned couples. Whether you are anticipating marriage, or just beginning your marriage, or have a good marriage or on the brink of divorce, you will find helpful information here that will enhance or possibly save your marriage.

Available in PAPERBACK and eBOOK formats.


About the Author 

Carl Irby

Carl Irby and his wife, Nancy Washington Irby, have been married for almost three decades. They live in Beaumont, California, where Carl works as a Registered Nurse. In addition to nursing, Carl has been an educator for 40 years and continues to teach at a community college. Irby earned a B.S. in Health Sciences in 1978 from Loma Linda University and a B.S. in Nursing in 2004 from California State University San Bernardino.

As a student of the Bible, Carl was moved to write this book after noticing how much this information is needed. He desires that readers will gain a fuller appreciation for the practical biblical principles that we can apply to our daily lives. He considers Job 22:21, and Revelation 21:7 his favorite Bible texts. In his spare time, Carl enjoys writing and listening to music. He is a member of the Banning, California, Seventh-day Adventist Church.


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