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Available Now, HE LEADETH ME!

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“What? Are you pregnant? Oh no! How will I ever get through medical school if there's a baby! Without you working I'll never make it! Oh, my Father! It's taking every penny I make already! Why didn't you prevent this! Oh! My Father! My Father!” He stood up and paced the floor.

Elizabeth was not off to a good start in life, unwanted even before she was born. Fortunately, the tiny baby was placed in the loving care of her paternal grandparents, where she lived for the first three years of her life. Then, her abusive father arbitrarily decided that she belonged with her parents and unceremoniously ripped her from the only safe, secure home she had ever known.

In spite of her turbulent childhood and teen years, Elizabeth managed to go to college and become a physical therapist. Faced with tragedy after tragedy, she decided to temporarily leave her old New England farmhouse and hit the road as a traveling physical therapist. You’ll laugh and cry with her as she traverses the country in her forty-foot fifth wheel with Gracie Allen, her faithful cat. As she survives a broken heart, a blow-out on a busy Florida freeway, a tornado in Kentucky, and a pain-crazed, gun-wielding patient, she grows ever more dependent upon the God who promised to never leave her nor forsake her.

Journey with Elizabeth as she makes “forever friends” from coast to coast, savors the beauty that is America, and cherishes the home on a rocky Maine shore that is her anchor point throughout her travels—and realize that the same God who never left her alone will never leave you, either.

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Elizabeth Boyd was born in Florida, but lived in many places growing up. After becoming a physical therapist, she fell in love with Maine and purchased an old New England farmhouse near its rocky coastline. A series of heartbreaks set her on the road as a traveling PT. At home again and retired, she writes from her beloved farmhouse and enjoys daily walks to the bluff overlooking the ocean.

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