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Points of Grace: Empowerment for Hard Times, answers many profound questions:

Why does God seem like a “hard man” to some people?

Why are we incapable of crying out to God in authentic ways except during times of extremity?

How does God get past our self-defense mechanisms?

Does God accept us as we are—with our sin?

Have we messed up so badly that there is no fixing it?

Can we honestly face our feelings of remorse, bitterness, anger, fear, and insecurity?

Is it possible to have a biblically based assurance of our being truly born again?

What good is outward obedience if our hearts are lusting after the things of the world?

What do we do when we don’t feel like doing what we know we ought to do?

Why would God want to restore our miserable lives when He could let us die?

This book helps readers understand how God’s grace works in the life of the believer, illuminating the practical steps needed for an authentic relationship with God. It is illustrated with the author’s own experience of rising from the darkness of doubt and self-loathing into the light of honesty and assurance. 

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Stuart Cedrone, PhD, is a committed Christian and a Philosophical Counselor at meaningandfulfillment.com. He has 20 years experience in enterprise-level IT at Hewlett Packard and Adventist Health as a network consultant, a system administrator, and an IT architect. He also worked in mental health case management and taught philosophy for many years at the University of Connecticut as an adjunct lecturer. He has a BS in chemistry from Carnegie Mellon University and an MA and a PhD in philosophy from the University of Connecticut.

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