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Wisdom from Grandma--MY EMOTIONS ARE A GIFT

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About the Book

God gave us emotions. They enable us to enjoy both our physical and spiritual interactions. They spring from our beliefs or perceptions about how others feel about us and treat us and our experiences. Our correct understanding of God, our loving creator, is enough to sustain healthy emotions because we get our value from Him.

My Emotions Are a Gift helps children, along with their parents, discover and discuss their emotions. Each short poem is accompanied by a thought and supporting Bible texts. As you explore this book with your children, you will help them develop and identify their emotions, ultimately creating a better understanding of our Heavenly Father's love. The author includes relevant vocabulary and a note to parents to help strengthen their child's development.

‘The author reminds us that God invites us to reason with Him about our sins and those "pop-up-unwanted” emotions.’

~Pastor Clyde Thomas. M.A, CFLE.

Past President of Tobago Mission of S.D.A.

“…it provides counsel regarding the issue of shame which often distracts from the necessary process and reminds them of God's love throughout life's hurdles.”

- Tamica Marcelle, Secondary School Teacher

“This gift of Emotions, when embraced, explored and understood, is there to protect us from ourself and the enemy; and to bring us into a real relationship with God.”

~ Nigel Walcott, Safety Consultant BSc, AAS, MT Cert, LSF

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About the Author


Grace Boucaud-Moore is an avid reader who resides on the Caribbean Island of Trinidad. She has worked with children and youth for over two decades while serving in the Sabbath School Department and uniformed clubs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Since retirement, she has devoted much of her time to two of her passions—reading and Bible study.

Grace was catapulted into a spate of writing with the birth of her first grandchild, Roman, which yielded six manuscripts titled: Special to God, Love Is Everywhere, My Emotions Are a Gift, God Is with Me All the Time, A Chronological Bible-Reading Workbook Series, and a short novel titled, Faith Isn’t Blind.

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