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$69.95 (SRP)

Reflections of War: Operation Never Forgotten / Sauve, Tamie / Hardback / LSI

946-7105 L


About the Book 

Reflections of War is a celebration of life. This memorial book is dedicated to those individuals who served and those who gave their lives during Operation Iraqi Freedom. It Symbolizes gratitude, respect, and unending appreciation to all those who have been active in the war on terrorism. This book contains photos taken by our gallant men and women while deployed in Iraq. Viewing this group of brave and heroic individuals allows us to "see the war through their eyes" and celebrate the individuals that fought for us. This tangible memorial will enable family and friends to grieve and reflect in the privacy of their homes.

Publication of this book provides a more creative and positive view of war for the general public and today's younger generation, who will be tomorrow's men and women serving our country.

Available in HARDBACK format.




About the Author 

Tamie Sauve

It was a statement made by a total stranger as she shopped for a yellow ribbon in one of the stores Tamie managed during the earlier years of the war that finalized this memorial book's contents. The unnamed woman stated that her son-in-law was serving in Iraq and her son was soon to deploy. As she left, her final words were, "I wish someone would find a way to show the good that comes from war instead of the negative the media always displays." At that moment, Tamie knew what this memorial should be about.


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