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True Education Reader: 4th Grade / Peck, Sarah Elizabeth / Paperback / LSI

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In a time where Christ is banished from the classroom, there exists a need for a return to the traditional values and beliefs. The True Education Reader series is a set of textbooks designed in the early 1900's for the elementary level. These readers were published in part as a response to the need for school readers free from myth and fairy tales, and whose core values upheld an early development of faith in the sacred Word. Such textbooks are in need again as modern science and lax morals undermine a simple belief in the word of God.
Sarah Elizabeth Peck (1868-1968) was a well-known author at the turn of the century.
Working on Ellen White's staff for over 10 years in Australia, her work is still the backbone of the indexing system used in the White Estate. She served as Principal of Claremont Union College in South Africa and taught at Union College. In her later years she worked as Superintendent of Education in the California Conference and concluded her career in the G C Education Department. She assisted in the preparation of the book Education and the True Education Readers series.
Also by this author: The Path to the Throne of God, Life of Jesus, Sanctuary Workbook, Stories from Israel, When the World Was Young and God's Great Plan.



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Table of Contents

First Period:
Reading to Learn
First Silent Reading Test
How to Read Rapidly
A Grief-Stricken Monkey
A Grief-Stricken Pigeon
How Esther's Prayer was Answered
Memory Reading
Baby Corn
Oral Reading
Little Corners
Our Words
The Leaves and the Wind
Silent Reading Test
The Fourth Grade Dictionary
How the Leaves Came Down
Tell the Whole Truth
Helping Father
Easy Lessons
Dictionary Study
Captain John Smith
Be Pleasant
Story of Thimbles
Try Again
Trees in October
A Trip to Milk Springs
A Talking Chip
Reading Tests and Scores for the First Period

Second Period:
Colporteur Stories
The Fourth Man in the Boat
The Frost
Dictionary Study
A Squirrel Family
A Sunbeam
A Talk About a Cow
The Handiwork of God
America's Greatest Naturalist
When God Controlled a Railroad Train
"Must" and Mus'n't"
A Talk About Bones
The Tardy Maiden
Silent Reading Test
A School Desk's Experience
Be the Best of Whatever You Are
Dogs and Cats
Dictionary Study
Baby Has Gone to School
The Duke of Wellington
The Little Factory Girl Who Became a Poet
If I Were a Sunbeam
The Rivulet
Tardy Twice
Children and Diamonds
Old Winter
Reading Tests and Scores for the Second Period

Third Period:
The Missionary Ship "The Pitcairn"
Miriam's Song
Little "Pretty Soon"
A Wonderful Weaver
Polly's Birthday
Dictionary Study
An Ant Funeral
The Little Ones He Blessed
Pray for Your Enemies
The Land of Fuss-and-Fret
Can You?
Silent Reading Test
Fred's Victory
Black Beauty
Dog Companions
Dictionary Exercise
The Little Orphan Princess
The Kingdoms
The Lost Lamb
England'S Most Beloved Artist
True to the Master
Reading Tests and Scores for the Third Period

Fourth Period:
"How Much Does a Horse Know?"
Dictionary Study
A Miraculous Deliverance
How to Make a Word Book
The Children's Poet
The Village Blacksmith
The Children's Hour
Finding My Cornet
Dictionary Exercise
Four Sunbeams
Table Manners
The Brave Tiger Mother
Ratu Meli at Home
Silent Reading Test
What the Snowflake Did
A Rich Poor Boy
They Two
Stories of George Washington
Stories of Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln's Sayings
What Words Do
The New Skates
Rules for Good Behavior
Giving to Missions
In the Time of Trouble
The Broken Flowerpot
The Thermometer
Reading Tests and Scores for the Fourth Period

Fifth Period:
A School of a Century Ago
"The Mothers of a Thousand Daughters"
Between Two Angels
Dictionary Drills
The Sunshine Basket
Duty and Inclination
Longfellow's Armchair
From My Armchair
Saved From a Panther
Dictionary Time Drill
Honesty is the Best Policy
Silent Reading Test
A Robin's Health Lecture
The Horce That Carried Double
The Lilac's Dinner
Dictionary Exercise
How Frogs Grow
Always Tell the Truth
Natures Teacher
Only a Few Drops
The Hero Archer of the Swiss Mountains
God's Wonderful Promises
Reading Tests and Scores for the Fifth Period

Sixth Period:
"King Cotton" in Dixie's Land
A Bird's Nest
A Camping Trip
Poor Robin
The Mysterious Singer
Taught by a Dream
Who Stole the Bird's Nest?
A Lesson Father Taught Me
When Shall I Be a Man?
Dictionary Exercise
A Bible in the Fiery Furnace
The Way to Try
How Birds Learn to Sing
A Modern Raven
Silent Reading Test
The Missionary Pumpkin
Where to Drink
What to Drink
Horace Mann
The Way for Billy And Me
The D. D. Class
The Spider and the Fly
Cornelia's Jewels
Reading Tests and Scores for the Sixth Period
The Little Dictionary Teacher
Graphs of Pupil's Weekly Silent Reading Rate.

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