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True Education Reader: 6th Grade / Peck, Sarah Elizabeth / Paperback / LSI

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In a time where Christ is banished from the classroom, there exists a need for a return to the traditional values and beliefs. The True Education Reader series is a set of textbooks designed in the early 1900's for the elementary level. These readers were published in part as a response to the need for school readers free from myth and fairy tales, and whose core values upheld an early development of faith in the sacred Word. Such textbooks are in need again as modern science and lax morals undermine a simple belief in the word of God.
Sarah Elizabeth Peck (1868-1968) was a well-known author at the turn of the century.
Working on Ellen White's staff for over 10 years in Australia, her work is still the backbone of the indexing system used in the White Estate. She served as Principal of Claremont Union College in South Africa and taught at Union College. In her later years she worked as Superintendent of Education in the California Conference and concluded her career in the GC Education Department. She assisted in the preparation of the book Education and the True Education Readers series.
Also by this author: The Path to the Throne of God, Life of Jesus, Sanctuary Workbook, Stories from Israel, When the World Was Young and God's Great Plan.



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Table of Contents

First Period
Silent Reading
Humming-Bird Experiences
How to Read Understandingly
Lessons Father Taught Me
Sermons We See
Good Manners For J.M.V.'S
Friendship Proverbs
Making Your Reading Notebook
A Story about Beavers
The Piata Mission
Memory Reading
A Lesson from the Camel
The Star-Spangled Banner
The United States National Anthem
The Wind and the Moon
Systematic Giving
Reading Test for the First Period

Second Period:
Pana, A Miracle of Grace
Oral Reading
Interesting Birds
Using the Dictionary
Living Needles
The Gospel According to You
Sophie and Her God
I Saw God Wash the World
The Valley of the Amazon
Two Sports
The Pilgrims and the "Mayflower"
Hiawatha'S Childhood
The Blynd Hymn Writer
Word Stems and Word Families
I Have to Live with Myself
The World's Greatest Inventor
The Young Witness
Reading Tests for Second Period

Third Period:
Indians of the Upper Amazon
Your Mission
Drills for Oral Reading
A Swarm of Be's
God's Autograph's
A Wilderness Changed to a Garden
Two Seas
A Tribute to the Dog
Teddy's Prayer
The Merchants
Burning of the Rice Stacks
On the Fields of France
If I Were a Boy Again
A Queer Dream
What is Home?
The Boys Who Conquered the Air
Tow Counselors
Reading Tests for the Third Period

Fourth Period:
The Beautiful Caverns of Luray
Drills for Oral Reading
The Song of the Raindrops
Bible Conundrums
A Soldier's Reprieve
Nature's Music
The "Two Song Birds"
Our Homestead
Delivered from Cannibals
The Better Land
Pictures by Heinrich Hofmann
Washington's Regard for His Mother
Washington's Birthday
Story of Sago
A Storm at Sea
The Tempest
Reading Tests for Fourth Period

Fifth Period:
A Naturalist's Boyhood Home
Drills for Oral Reading
Kate Shelley
Princess Juliana
Gail Borden and Canned Milk
The Owl Critic
Eulogy on Cold Water
Hour by Hour
Healed by Prayer
Proverbs of Solomon
An Arbor-Day Letter
Prayer and Orphans
The Throstle
A Trip to Mt. Vesuvius
Home, Sweet Home
Entering Abyssinia
Reading Tests for Fifth Period

Sixth Period:
Old Abe, the War Eagle
Drills for Oral Reading
The Cloud
Ratu Meli
Customs in China
Making Linoleum
The Flowers' Sabbath Day
Felix Mendelssohn
The Winding Road
A Butterfly's Wings
Praying for Rain
The Daffodils
The Knight's Toast
The King of Glory
The Measuring Rod
Two Temples
"The Angel of the Battlefield"
Reading Tests for Sixth Period
Pronouncing Dictionary of Proper Names
Graph of Pupil's Silent Reading Rate

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