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True Education Reader: 5th Grade / Peck, Sarah Elizabeth / Paperback / LSI

945-6200 L


In a time where Christ is banished from the classroom, there exists a need for a return to the traditional values and beliefs. The True Education Reader series is a set of textbooks designed in the early 1900's for the elementary level. These readers were published in part as a response to the need for school readers free from myth and fairy tales, and whose core values upheld an early development of faith in the sacred Word. Such textbooks are in need again as modern science and lax morals undermine a simple belief in the word of God.
Sarah Elizabeth Peck (1868-1968) was a well-known author at the turn of the century.
Working on Ellen White's staff for over 10 years in Australia, her work is still the backbone of the indexing system used in the White Estate. She served as Principal of Claremont Union College in South Africa and taught at Union College. In her later years she worked as Superintendent of Education in the California Conference and concluded her career in the GC Education Department. She assisted in the preparation of the book Education and the True Education Readers series.
Also by this author: The Path to the Throne of God, Life of Jesus, Sanctuary Workbook, Stories from Israel, When the World Was Young and God's Great Plan.



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Table of Contents

First Period:
Thought Reading
Nancy and Harriet
How to Read Rapidly
How an African Boy Succeeded
The Praying Engineer
Whittier and His Pets
The Corn Song
Memory Reading
The Sun
Out in the Fields With God
How to Use the Dictionary
Apron Springs
Who Shall Dwell with God?
A Narrow Escape
Second Silent Reading Test
"Can" and "Could"
More about the Dictionary
Catching the Colt
The Health Makers' Party
A Mother Bat and Her Babies
Barbara's Camel
"Lady Rebecca"
Reading Tests and Scores for the First Period

Second Period:
Life on Pitcairn Island
Oral Reading
A Boy's Hat
Evening at the Farm
"The Prince of Portrait Painters"
The Story of the United States Mail
Pronunciation Drill, No. 1
My Mother's Hands
The Boy Who Was Called
How God Chose Israel's First King
How King Saul Conquered His First Enemies
Pronunciation Drill, No. 2
Sir Porcupine
Silent Reading Test, No. 4
Too Little to Come In
When the Cipher Struck
Pronunciation Drill, No. 3
How God Answered a Soldier's Prayer
The First Snowfall
General Ulysses S. Grant
Health Rules
"Good Enough"
Tested and True
"I Shall Not Pass Again This Way"
Reading Tests and Scores for the Second Period

Third Period:
A Trip to China
Pronunciation Drill, No. 4
Old Ben
The Secret of William'S Success
An Incident of the Revolutionary War
I Wouldn't Be Cross
Pronunciation Drill, No. 5
A Modern "Raven"
A Desert Filled with Water
Silent Reading Test, No. 6
Stretch It a Little
Pronunciation Drill, No. 6
Praying for Missionaries
Petrus, A Lad of Roumania
Not One to Spare
"The Father of Instrumental Music"
A Snake Among Books
Frost Pictures
Stories Written in the Snow
The Story of a Piece of Coal
How a Cold May Spread
"Somebody Else"
Reading Tests and Scores for the Third Period

Fourth Period:
Living in a Lighthouse
The Sandpiper
Pronunciation Drill, No. 7
Inside "Big Ben"
Teaching an Eaglet to Fly
True Beauty
Pronunciation Drill, No. 8
The S. P. C. M.
Anecdotes of Lincoln
George Washington's School Days
Betsy Ross and the Flag
The Great Guest Comes
A Modern Heroine of Missions
Silent Reading Test, No. 7
The Inventor of the Locomotive
The Little Common Match
Christ's Helpers
A Child's Dream
The Blind Men and the Elephant
Mr. Kangar and Mrs. Roo
Reading Tests and Scores for the Fourth Period

Fifth Period:
A Slave Boy Who Became a Missionary
Pronunciation Drill No. 10
Girls Wanted
Boys Wanted
Pardon for Five Men
The Bump of Reverence
How the Lord Paid Back the Five Dollars
Story of Glass
Pronunciation Drill, No. 11
"Woodman, Spare That Tree"
An Arbor Day Tree
A Miraculous Deliverance
Silent Reading Test, No. 10
Pronunciation Drill, No. 12
A Horse's Appeal for Justice
The Bell or Arti
Joel and Joe
Pronunciation Drill, No. 13
Nature's Artists
The Davis Indians
Audubon, The Bird Lover
The Power of Habit
Reading Tests and Scores for the Fifth Period

Sixth Period:
A Fire Stopped by Prayer
Keep Trying
Pronunciation Drill, No. 14
Suboddhi Choudhry
A Hero of Duty
The House with Nobody In It
Pronunciation Drill, No. 15
The Tobacco Chart
The Vision of King Zechariah
The Fruit of a Kind Word
Silent Reading Test, No. 12
A Cloud
Missionary Birds
The Great Creator
Pronunciation Drill, No. 16
Home Folks' Night
A Day Well Spent
What Next?
My Helper
The Thrush Family
Decoration Day
The Lady with the Lamp
From Caterpillar to Butterfly
Are All the Children In?
Reading Tests and Scores for the Sixth Period
The Fifth Grade Dictionary
Graphs of Pupils' Weekly Silent Reading Rate

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