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True Education Reader: 1st Grade / Hale, Katherine B / Paperback / LSI

945-6195 L


In a time where Christ is banished from the classroom, there exists a need for a return to the traditional values and beliefs. The True Education Reader series is a set of textbooks designed in the early 1900's for the elementary level. These readers were published in part as a response to the need for school readers free from myth and fairy tales, and whose core values upheld an early development of faith in the sacred Word. Such textbooks are in need again as modern science and lax morals undermine a simple belief in the word of God.
Author Katherine B. Hale was one of the early professors of Pacific Union College, formerly known as Healdsburg College. Her interest in labor in the educational department led to the publishing of the first two True Education Readers for the first and second grade. She also helped write the True Education Primer, a denominational replacement for the mainstream primers of that period. She worked closely with Marion Ernest Cady, whose leadership at Healdsburg College led to the modern success of Pacific Union College, and who helped complete the True Education Reader series.


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Table of Contents

The Very First Day
The Second Day
The Third Day
The Fourth Day
The Fifth Day
The Sixth Day
The Seventh Day
The Garden of Eden
Review Lessons
God and the Angels
God's Enemy
The Tree of Good and Evil
The Serpent
Eating the Fruit
Leaving the Garden
God's Plan
Adam's Children
The Great Flood
The Good Family
Noah's Children Forget God
A Man Who Remembered God
A Baby Boy
Abraham's Little Boy
The Twin Brothers
The Beautiful Dream
The Boy Joseph
Joseph's Brothers
Joseph in Prison
"Our Daily Bread"
God Gives the Rain
The King's Dreams
Joseph in the King's House
The Famine
Baby Moses
Little Miriam
The Boy Moses
Moses, God's Leader
Little Samuel
Winter and Spring
The Shepherd and the Sheep
David, A Shepherd Boy
David's Songs of Praise
David and the Giant
My Body-House
Washing Day
My Dolly's Bath
The Little Missionary Girl
Angels Visit Shepherds
The Baby Jesus
The Boy Jesus
The Little Carpenter
The Boy Jesus in the Temple
Jesus Baptized by John
The Grapevine
Jesus at a Wedding
Jesus the Great Healer
Jesus the Great Teacher
Jesus the Children's Friend
Children Who Want to Know Jesus
1. An African Boy
2. A Little Indian Boy
3. A Little Eskimo Girl
4. A Little Yellow Girl
5. Little Grown Children
My Wish
Jesus Died for Us All
Jesus Arose from the Grave
Jesus Went Back to Heaven
Jesus' Friends Telling the Story
The Lame Man Healed
Peter in Prison
Ships at Sea
Paul, The Missionary
Jesus is Coming Soon
Awake! Awake!
The Beautiful City
A Thousand Years in Heaven
The End of Sin
In the New Earth
A Little Child Shall Lead Them
The Last Lesson

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  1. God-centered reading for a godly child! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Apr 2016

    The True Education Reader is a blessing for those who what to home school their children , or just use as a devotional book! The earlier we put the truth of the Bible in a child's heart, the better the prospects of an a eternity with Jesus! These readers are worth every penny!

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