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True Education Reader: 2nd Grade / Hale, Katherine B / Paperback / LSI

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In a time where Christ is banished from the classroom, there exists a need for a return to the traditional values and beliefs. The True Education Reader series is a set of textbooks designed in the early 1900's for the elementary level. These readers were published in part as a response to the need for school readers free from myth and fairy tales, and whose core values upheld an early development of faith in the sacred Word. Such textbooks are in need again as modern science and lax morals undermine a simple belief in the word of God.
Author Katherine B. Hale was one of the early professors of Pacific Union College, formerly known as Healdsburg College. Her interest in labor in the educational department led to the publishing of the first two True Education Readers for the first and second grade. She also helped write the True Education Primer, a denominational replacement for the mainstream primers of that period. She worked closely with Marion Ernest Cady, whose leadership at Healdsburg College led to the modern success of Pacific Union College, and who helped complete the True Education Reader series.



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Table of Contents

1. The Book of Books
2. The Earth and Its Creatures
3. All Things Bright and Beautiful
4. Music Everywhere
5. Finding the North Star
6. The Star
7. A Tardy Riser
8. The Sunbeam
9. Don't! Don't!
10. Rime of the Fire
11. Toadstool Lanterns
12. Ship of the Air
13. The Eskimo Journey
14. North, South, East, and West
15. Cured by a Parrot
16. No Home
17. Our Father
18. Which was the Better Sport?
19. A Little Gentleman
20. Good Morning, Merry Sunshine
21. "We Thank Thee"
22. The Ocean
23. Thanksgiving Day
24. Where Go the Boats?
25. On the Beach
26. Fish
27. Happy Little Fishes
28. Earthworms and Their Homes
29. The Wind
30. The Gardener's Night Watchman
31. A Lesson of Mercy
32. Horse Sense
33. Be Thankful
34. Thank You, Pretty Cow
35. Jip And Tom
36. I Like Little Pussy
37. Ghalia and Her Pony
38. The Rime of the House
39. Little Boys and Little Sheep
40. Which Loved Mother Best?
41. Only a Cent
42. The Kite
43. Elijah and the Ravens
44. He Didn't Think
45. The Bears and Bad Little Children
46. The Wonderful Meadow
47. Daniel, the Fearless
48. Waiting to Grow
49. The Snail
50. Gardening
51. Story of a Hen
52. Jesus' Birth
53. Baby Jesus
54. The Child Jesus
55. An Old Sheep's Story
56. The Lamb
57. A Family that Jesus Visited
58. Little "No-Place"
59. A Sampan Baby
60. Pennies and Prayer
61. A Little Missionary
62. The Seven Trees
63. A Bible Game
64. A Prayer for God's Children Everywhere

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